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Las Vegas Sex Story Voicemail part 2

269 So my wife came back to the bar after I’d had the conversation with her future lover. She immediately spread her legs after sitting down on the bar stool when the stud started fingering her pussy. She looked at me and asked, “What are you going to do about it?” I responded that I was going to do nothing and that I wanted her to enjoy it. Soon were all on the way to our room where she’s teasing me about his huge cock being much bigger than mine. Soon my wife finds out my real intentions. To tag team this stud so we both can get some. As soon as we’re back in the room my wife strips and I put on her […]

Amazing Pussy

80 My wife’s pussy is completely amazing!!!!

Slave for a Night

135 A married couples sex life starts off like fireworks, sex 4 times a day but after four years of marriage things taper off to once a month. The wife wants it more and more and decides to put the spark back into their relationship. She gives him a coupon for his birthday that states she will be his “Slave for a Night” for the entire night once redeemed. Before the coupon is even redeemed their sex life takes a jump. He takes for two hot rounds that night. The next weekend he cashes in his coupon and takes his slave to dinner commanding her to wear a slutty dress. At dinner he steps up the kinky games with an envelope and more commands. Kinky […]

The Dinner Party

18 A adventoures couple is stuck at a stuffy and boring dinner party. The husband is a horny dog and tricks his wife into assisting him down in the wine cellar. While retrieving more wine for the party the husband is soon trying to check her vintage if you know what I mean. His wife Rita bends over like a good girl in the wine cellar with her own wetness giving away her fruitless protests. Her husband’s cock gets even harder knowing they could get caught still able to hear the din of the party right above them. 4 other couples a short flight of stairs away could walk in on them at anytime. You’ll have to listen to find out if they get caught […]

My Husband’s Boss

47 Olivia is a real British married slut who’s been having a 6 month affair with her husband’s boss. He’s 10 years older than her husband and infinitely better endowed. She loves his brash manner, how he takes her like she’s a piece of property. Anytime he wants this little slut is wet and ready. A wonderful story about a cheating wife who loves fucking her husband’s boss.

I Meet A Woman

252 At a party alone a sexy married woman begins to trade flirty glances with another vixen. Soon their “accidentaly” brushing up against each other before the first woman invites her new lady friend back to her apartment. As soon as they are alone in the living room the new friend takes charge, commanding the married woman to strip. She inspects her new prize clad only in her matching bra and panties. Our married narrator is shaking with anticipation, she’s never actually been with a woman before. Before too long they are both naked, kissing, licking and pleasuring each other in a way only a woman can. The narrator rubs herself to a rocking sexy orgasm at the end of the story. Super hot lesbian story with […]

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Wife Stories
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