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Daddy’s Girl

By |July 11th, 2012|

This 18 year old slut is on fire for her Dad. She’s super turned on and you can hear the sounds of her working her pussy the entire time. This story is like a audio letter of love. Her little panties have been dripping wet all day she proclaims while recording this. She knows he wants to fuck her, good thing she wants it too. A sexy voided female narrated fantasy story.

Son and Friend Force Mommy

By |July 6th, 2012|

Daddy Goes to Daughters Bedroom

By |July 3rd, 2012|

In this taboo story a Dad sneaks into his daughters bedroom and wakes her up. Her voice is sexy as she laughs at him calling her his pretty little girl. Soon she’s starting to feel funny as his hands touch her adult body. Soon she’s screaming “It’s so big..”. You’ll have to listen to find out why. I should mention the narrator has a great orgasm while reading.


By |April 25th, 2011|

A soon to be forty woman starts to contemplate her life wondering where the time had gone while looking around her Manhattan penthouse. She soon goes to bed with no clear answers only to wake the next morning full of energy from her very wet dreams. She soon starts to rub her delicious slit but it is no match for the real touch of a man. Then she remembers an idea she’s often thought about but never done, hire an escort. All of the women in her office seemed to love Brian Peters but she’d always thought it too taboo to hire a man for raw sex. Soon after a nervous phone call he’s on the way to her apartment and arrives right on time. […]