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Solo Kitten

By |April 14th, 2013|

Your Playtime

By |April 3rd, 2013|

This is my first audio submission for Eroticast. I hope you enjoy yourself. Supplies needed for this audio: Nipple Clamps Dildos

The Ice Queen Cometh (or how Roy and I got back on track)

By |April 1st, 2013|

An argument between lovers has unexpected repercussions for Rowan, Kris and Roy…

Alone in the Rain

By |July 13th, 2012|

A French woman who is very familiar with her own body is all alone during a powerful thunderstorm. The smell and sound of the hard rain makes her horny and she soon takes matters into her own hands. She starts to rub herself and moan with lots of French dirty talk. Someone please leave a translation of what she’s saying in the comments. Listen in as she pleasures herself to the little death while the rain pours down.

I Meet A Woman

By |July 6th, 2012|

At a party alone a sexy married woman begins to trade flirty glances with another vixen. Soon their “accidentaly” brushing up against each other before the first woman invites her new lady friend back to her apartment. As soon as they are alone in the living room the new friend takes charge, commanding the married woman to strip. She inspects her new prize clad only in her matching bra and panties. Our married narrator is shaking with anticipation, she’s never actually been with a woman before. Before too long they are both naked, kissing, licking and pleasuring each other in a way only a woman can. The narrator rubs herself to a rocking sexy orgasm at the end of the story. Super hot lesbian story with masturbation.

Big Cock Handjob

By |May 13th, 2011|

Sultry & sexy woman with the voice to match gives an expert handjob to one lucky man. She is getting hotter and hotter by his big cock and how firm it feels between her fingers. She wants to lick it but she can’t, she can only stroke it and tug on his cum filled balls. He’s getting a little too excited so she has to slow it down, “you’ll get to cum, just not yet..” she says. She loves smacking the big cock against her large breasts. Almost 6 minutes of a woman jerking off a man’s large tool until he showers her with his hot cum.

The Little Death

By |May 2nd, 2011|

There is nothing quite as erotic as a woman masturbating when she thinks that no one is listening or watching. The soft and natural sounds they make are like music to the ears. This woman gets right to it from the start of this nice almost 4 minute masturbation audio file. A gentle lovely voice, no talking or words, just natural sexy sounds of a woman taking care of that aching need between her legs in a way that only a woman knows how.

Subliminal Masturbation

By |April 28th, 2011|

An almost chant quality to the moans, strokes, rubs and breathing in this mental masturbation session. Softly for eleven minutes you hear the sounds of self pleasure. Very mentaly stimulating with effects on the audio giving it a unique and heady quality. An 11 minute subliminal masturbation episode.

Wet Woman Masturbation

By |April 27th, 2011|

Starting off quietly you’ll hear the sounds of a very wet and juicy pussy being played with soon followed by lusty heavy breathing. Listen in during a very private female masturbation session for fifteen minutes as she delights in the friction of her hand on her sweet spot. You can really hear how wet and excited she is as she plunges her fingers in and out to a roaring climax.


By |April 14th, 2011|

This woman sounds so amazing by herself masturbating I could only imagine what she must sound like with a lover. An almost harmonious, musical, sweet smokey jazz sounding three plus minutes of a woman masturbating.