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28 A couple meets at a hotel for the first time night of love making. Expertly paced and narrated tale of two strangers, checking in, stripping down and dropping out. He’s a beautiful specimen of a man and knows exactly how to stoke her inner fire. Once inside the room Mike wastes no time in starting with the foreplay by kissing her neck. She loves to have her neck kissed. After undressing her and making her moan all the time by pinching her nipples she decides to start sucking on his huge bulge. You’ll have to listen for the great creampie finish.

Roadside Assistance

5 A woman’s car breaksdown on her way to her boyfriends family reunion. She has to have him drive almost an hour out of his way to rescue her. She starts to distract him while he’s working on the car trying to get it working. Before too long her teasing leads him to taking her right there on the roadside with cars passing by and cat calling the public sex.

A Little Treat

2 A male narrated voice details a story about his woman arriving home after a hard day and the little treat he’s set up. Soon she hears the sound of the bathtub filling and notices the candle light in the bathroom helping her to relax after a hard day. Tonight she is getting the full service, everything is taken care of. Soon she’s lost in the attention and relaxation with the narrator taking care of her every need.   Soon his soapy massage starts to get even more relaxing. His soft fingers are tracing her hips and other body parts. A great romantic couple sex story.

Romance Stories

For those times when you are in need of being swept off your feet, or living vicariously through someone who is the object of another’s intense passion we have a growing collection of romance stories. These are accounts of real men and women and the romantic things they do for one another. Ranging from first hand accounts of long time married couples having a sexy weekend together to strangers meeting and simply having an electric spark that can’t be explained, these stories will evoke a sense breathtaking excitement. Romance StoriesSome of our Romance Stories are excerpts from professional authors and others are submitted by our users. All our material is reviewed by our staff to be sure we are constantly providing the highest quality recordings. Take a break from it all and relax while stimulating your erotic side through tales of adventure and chivalry. Put on your headphones, queue up one of our Romance Stories and allow yourself to be transported to a land where fairy tales come true and women are treated like princesses. Some of the Romance Stories found here are text only, however the majority of them are audio recordings provided in MP3 format. Our material is always free to listen to and download. You can stream or download to your laptop, home computer, or mobile device. Enjoy our Romance Stories in the privacy of your home, during your commute, or in a public place (nobody except you will know what you’re listening to). If you are an erotic author or content provider we would love for you to promote your material here on Eroticast and we welcome you as a member of our community.