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Mind Control Stories

These erotic mind control stories will send blood rushing to your brain and other body parts. The use of suggestion through audio either audible or subliminal can have a very potent effect on the reader or listeners mind. The power of the human brain is unlimited and with the correct tones, pacing and cues it’s quite possible to subtly reprogram a persons thoughts.

Pleasure Drone (Excerpt)

0 The first 1 minute of a 26-minute erotic hypnosis program for women listeners. In this fantasy, you’re abducted, brainwashed and transformed into a pleasure drone. You are strapped into my special chair that erases your mind. You have no thoughts, desires, or will of your own. Then I transport you to my tropical island paradise and make you available to my guests. You bask in mindless, blissful serenity until a guest chooses you for his pleasure. Then you feel your mind and body fill with the desire to provide every pleasure he wants. You serve him eagerly until he is satisfied, then you return to basking in mindless serenity. For more information, visit

Excerpt from Essence of a Slave

2 This is a 1-minute excerpt from the 25 minute recording, Essence of a Slave. A kidnap fantasy for women who dream of being sexual slaves. While riding a train, you are kidnapped and taken to a hidden palace. You’re chained to a column in the harem where you see the slaves are happy and eager to please. The Master looks into your heart and sees you have always been a slave, though you were denied the opportunity to understand this. He describes how you would have discovered your inner slave had you been raised properly. His story shows you what’s in your heart, and frees you to embrace your inner slave. The full-length mp3 Includes post-hypnotic suggestions think and feel like a true slave […]

Excerpt from Obedient Desire


Deep Inside You

105 A bit of cosmic foreplay awaits in this short but sexy hypnotic audio recording. Relax and allow the sounds of this story combined with music to wash over you preparing you for the ecstasy that awaits. The narrator has a great voice and the sound quality is top notch. I only wish she kept going a little bit longer.

Pleasure Principle Sample

8 This is the first minute of a 23-minute erotic hypnosis recording designed to increase a woman’s sexual desires.   In this mp3, I tell an erotic story of a hypnotist who helped a woman regain her excitement for sex and increase her desires for all sexual pleasures, including flirting, kissing, foreplay and intercourse. Telling the story with sophisticated NLP language patterns, I implant the same post-hypnotic suggestions in the listener’s subconscious mind, increasing her desire for sexual pleasures and reshaping her self image into that of a woman who looks forward to the pleasures of sex.   The full-length recording is available at

Erotic Audio Book – Guided Hypnosis

17 An almost 10 minute guided hypnosis erotic audio book read by a calm and confident voiced male narrator. You’ll need a nice private area to fully enjoy this episode as you start with breathing and relaxation techniques. Once you are fully relaxed and getting into the hypnosis the more sensual and erotic portions of the therapy begin. You recall your first orgasm. Get ready to relax and get stimulated by your bodies largest sex organ, the brain.

Subliminal Suggestions – Ocean

15 The sounds of the ocean mixed with subliminal messages designed to put women in a more sexy and amorous mood. You only hear the sounds of the waves lapping at the beach while your subconscious picks up on the sexy messages and other hidden sounds designed to stimulate the erogenous zones of the female brain. This mp3 has been tested by licenced sex therapists and has been shown to induce an noticeably increased response to sexual advances during and after listening to this erotic hypnosis mp3.

Building The Perfect Fetish

-2 Listen to a hypnotist as he describes quite a pleasurable experience for a beautiful woman.

Mind Control Stories

Some of these files are works of fiction while others are more how to guides meant to take you on a journey. We have all types of mind control stories in a wide variety of fetishes. Some people just want to lose control, let someone else guide their experience. Erotic mind control stories are perfect for these types of adventures. The listener just gets to sit back and allow the hypnotic process to begin.

Perhaps you’re an author or practitioner of mind control experiments and would like to share your own audio files and mind control stories. We welcome anyone who’d like to be a member of our community. Eroticast is happy to welcomes authors of all levels and talents are welcome. So sit back, relax and enjoy one of the largest and most complete collections of erotic mind control stories. You won’t be disappointed you did.