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Solo Kitten


The Ice Queen Cometh (or how Roy and I got back on track)

137 An argument between lovers has unexpected repercussions for Rowan, Kris and Roy…

My Orgasm

238 I had never thought to record myself before but I’ve always enjoyed listening to the sounds that others had posted. This is a short clip of me as my lover expertly licks me to orgasm. He can be heard very slightly at the end. Now that I have the hang of using my phone to record, longer posts will follow.


68 Mrs.Francis gets mad at her Student for jerking off in the bathroom, well in this audio Story she wants to see how much he can Shoot listen to how he shoots on her.

School Girl Slut

58 Naughty college phone sex girl likes to flirt with her professor. Not being so innocent is her goal and she turns up the seduction all the way. He doesn’t want to get fired but she wants his cock. Guess who wins? Soon her dashing looking teacher is balls deep in her sweet little college student pussy. All the times she’s teased him are coming to a head and his resistance soon wears away. I’m not going to tell? Are you? She shows a master of the art of fellatio with her oral presentation. By the end she’s screaming, bucking and moaning at her own fantasy of seducing her teacher.

Alone in the Rain

20 A French woman who is very familiar with her own body is all alone during a powerful thunderstorm. The smell and sound of the hard rain makes her horny and she soon takes matters into her own hands. She starts to rub herself and moan with lots of French dirty talk. Someone please leave a translation of what she’s saying in the comments. Listen in as she pleasures herself to the little death while the rain pours down.

Teacher Gets Seduced

6 She’s a real slut flirting with her teacher like she does. At first he tries to resist her endless flirting, after all he doesn’t want to lose his job over this little tease. Turns out she isn’t just a tease, she’s a cock hungry whore and proves it by sucking her teachers dick while he’s sitting in his chair. Listen in as a school girl slut seduces her teacher for some hot sex. Lots of moaning, masturbating, fucking anal and other exciting erotic audio.

Girl Talks About Her Feelings

42 A POV style story where a really cute voiced narrator describes the feeling of taking naked pictures with her blackberry. She details her vibrators, the size of her vibrators, how wet her pussy is and talks about anal sex. 1 in 5 women have texted racy photos and she is definitely one of them. Kinda short without a huge payoff but her voice makes it well worth it.

Masturbation Stories

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Masturbation Stories

Self-pleasure is one of the easiest and most common ways to revel in your sexuality. Maybe you’re single and loving it. Perhaps you are far away from your sex partner and need a quick fix. Or maybe you just really enjoy hiding away in secret and being naughty when others least expect it? We love to hear how you make yourself climax.


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