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The Ice Queen Cometh (or how Roy and I got back on track)

143 An argument between lovers has unexpected repercussions for Rowan, Kris and Roy…

I Meet A Woman

265 At a party alone a sexy married woman begins to trade flirty glances with another vixen. Soon their “accidentaly” brushing up against each other before the first woman invites her new lady friend back to her apartment. As soon as they are alone in the living room the new friend takes charge, commanding the married woman to strip. She inspects her new prize clad only in her matching bra and panties. Our married narrator is shaking with anticipation, she’s never actually been with a woman before. Before too long they are both naked, kissing, licking and pleasuring each other in a way only a woman can. The narrator rubs herself to a rocking sexy orgasm at the end of the story. Super hot lesbian story with […]

Spring Brook

3 Beautiful days, thin summer dresses, hard nipples, outdoor lesbian sex and more. Two women enjoy an afternoon of passionate erotic love making. One woman strips off her clothes and then lowers her pussy over the other woman’s face delighting in the way she devours her pussy. Squealing, moaning sultry reading with a very sexy voice.

Lesbian Dildo Fantasy

13 Guy tells his woman over the phone how he’d like to watch her on all fours getting fucked with a dildo but by another woman. She really seems to respond well to this suggestion!

My Girl

14 A dominant mistress dresses her pet and takes her to a movie. After teasing her sweet lips she then puts her willing sub on her knees to lick her owners pussy. Very hot female on female lesbian domination!

Lesbian Stories

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