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Sloppy Sex Audio 2


Sloppy Sex Audio

159 Like the title says, sloppy sex for your listening pleasure.

Amazing Pussy

82 My wife’s pussy is completely amazing!!!!

Wife Cums Repeatedly

320 Listen in as wifey has a steady flow of intense orgasms while she is eaten out and then pounded hard.

The Swingers Party

59 A unique journey into erotic audio with this submission of “The Swingers Party”. Imagine being the audio fly on the wall as a collection of couples starts to copulate in a Caligula style orgy. There are many guys and girls doing all sorts of wonderful sexy things. You’ll have to listen more than once to catch it all.

Home Alone

144 I had some time alone so pleasured myself. You can hear how wet and ready my pussy is. *Starts off quiet but gets going around the half way point. User submission.

MILF and College Stud

76 Hidden recording of a super hot sounding MILF getting pounded by her college stud. Listen in as she cums hard to his skillful thrusting. Sounds like her tight pussy squeezes his juicy load right into her willing married box.

Alone in the Rain

20 A French woman who is very familiar with her own body is all alone during a powerful thunderstorm. The smell and sound of the hard rain makes her horny and she soon takes matters into her own hands. She starts to rub herself and moan with lots of French dirty talk. Someone please leave a translation of what she’s saying in the comments. Listen in as she pleasures herself to the little death while the rain pours down.

Hidden Audio

Ever wanted to sneak around and listen to a private liaison, or overhear someone pleasuring themselves? Our hidden audio recordings let you be a fly on the wall for some of the most explicit adult activities. These are not simply fantasies or stories but rather actual live recordings of men and women indulging their erotic compulsions.

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