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Fetish Stories

Everyone has one, why not admit it? This collection of fetish stories will having you exploring the deepest most exciting parts of your own sexual interests. Read the description and pick your pleasure, embrace your favorite fetish. Our fetish stories will always be free to listen and to download.

Las Vegas Sex Story Voicemail part 2

269 So my wife came back to the bar after I’d had the conversation with her future lover. She immediately spread her legs after sitting down on the bar stool when the stud started fingering her pussy. She looked at me and asked, “What are you going to do about it?” I responded that I was going to do nothing and that I wanted her to enjoy it. Soon were all on the way to our room where she’s teasing me about his huge cock being much bigger than mine. Soon my wife finds out my real intentions. To tag team this stud so we both can get some. As soon as we’re back in the room my wife strips and I put on her […]

Las Vegas Sex Story Voicemail

6 Well my story is that I was in Las Vegas a couple of years ago. I’m a crossdresser, submissive, total bottom and very discrete. My wife knows and has caught me more than once. She asked me once and I told her no of course not until that night we were drunk in Vegas. We were sitting at the bar when a hot gentleman came up. He was in his late 40’s and obviously had a fancy for my wife. He was a total top and could tell that I was a bottom. He soon began kissing her neck and touching her thighs. My wife willingly spread her legs allowing him better access. My wife excused herself to the bathroom and….Then the message cuts […]

Wife Catches Husband Crossdressing with Another Man


Slave for a Night

135 A married couples sex life starts off like fireworks, sex 4 times a day but after four years of marriage things taper off to once a month. The wife wants it more and more and decides to put the spark back into their relationship. She gives him a coupon for his birthday that states she will be his “Slave for a Night” for the entire night once redeemed. Before the coupon is even redeemed their sex life takes a jump. He takes for two hot rounds that night. The next weekend he cashes in his coupon and takes his slave to dinner commanding her to wear a slutty dress. At dinner he steps up the kinky games with an envelope and more commands. Kinky […]


25 A wicked woman invites her soon to be ex-husband over to discuss the terms of the divorce. He thinks she’s being sweet when asked to shower but soon discovers the water isn’t working. Oh well, she’s just going to give him a golden shower! After that he’s handcuffed and forced to dress up in her sexy pink bra. The humiliation and domination is just getting started at this point. She’s also invited a hot stud over to fuck her on video. Then the stud is going to take a turn with her sissy husband…

Phone Call to Marcy

50 A domininant hotwife mistress talks to her friend Marcy on the phone. She loves gabbing all about her sissy slave husband and her daily face sitting. She’s got a wicked laugh as she details his chores, his punishments and more. She also tells Marcy about how she got access to his porn collection and fantasy journals. A twisted tale of female domination. If you enjoy a lovely voice with lots of demeaning humiliation then you’ll love this story.

Son and Friend Force Mommy


Playing with my Dom Side

121 A woman with a delightful voice narrates this Dom erotic audio story. Listen in as she takes control of the situation and her man. This is a nice slow long build up in an 18 minute story. The tone and pace is exquisite.  

Some listeners will enjoy the audio recordings of fetish session with real doms, subs, slaves and masters. Others are well written fetish stories narrated by talented voice actors. We also include how to guides for those interested in the fetish lifestyle.

Fetish Stories

Like human sexuality we also think literature and art should be just as varied and wonderful. We don’t judge people for their interests here. We are only here to let you enjoy the largest collection of erotic fetish stories, plain and simple. Who decides on prim and proper or dark and perverted? If you enjoy it safely with loving and trusting partners then it’s your business.


Perhaps you’re an author or amateur who records his or her own stories. We’d love for you to share! It is very easy to submit your own lifestyle story for everyone to listen too. We welcome authors of all experience levels and recording qualities. If you have any questions or would like to know more please contact us, happy listening.