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Erotic Hypnosis | Hypnotic Audio

Erotic hypnosis has a long history of pleasuring humans going back to ancient times and having been a part of our sexual history ever since. It is the process of a mentally persuading a willing subject to reduce inhibitions and performance anxiety. Erotic hypnosis can drastically improve your sexual health and also teach you how to have the best orgasms of your life.

Pleasure Drone (Excerpt)

1 The first 1 minute of a 26-minute erotic hypnosis program for women listeners. In this fantasy, you’re abducted, brainwashed and transformed into a pleasure drone. You are strapped into my special chair that erases your mind. You have no thoughts, desires, or will of your own. Then I transport you to my tropical island paradise and make you available to my guests. You bask in mindless, blissful serenity until a guest chooses you for his pleasure. Then you feel your mind and body fill with the desire to provide every pleasure he wants. You serve him eagerly until he is satisfied, then you return to basking in mindless serenity. For more information, visit

Your Playtime

22 This is my first audio submission for Eroticast. I hope you enjoy yourself. Supplies needed for this audio: Nipple Clamps Dildos

Excerpt from Essence of a Slave

2 This is a 1-minute excerpt from the 25 minute recording, Essence of a Slave. A kidnap fantasy for women who dream of being sexual slaves. While riding a train, you are kidnapped and taken to a hidden palace. You’re chained to a column in the harem where you see the slaves are happy and eager to please. The Master looks into your heart and sees you have always been a slave, though you were denied the opportunity to understand this. He describes how you would have discovered your inner slave had you been raised properly. His story shows you what’s in your heart, and frees you to embrace your inner slave. The full-length mp3 Includes post-hypnotic suggestions think and feel like a true slave […]

Excerpt from Obedient Desire


Deep Inside You

103 A bit of cosmic foreplay awaits in this short but sexy hypnotic audio recording. Relax and allow the sounds of this story combined with music to wash over you preparing you for the ecstasy that awaits. The narrator has a great voice and the sound quality is top notch. I only wish she kept going a little bit longer.

Pleasure Principle Sample

8 This is the first minute of a 23-minute erotic hypnosis recording designed to increase a woman’s sexual desires.   In this mp3, I tell an erotic story of a hypnotist who helped a woman regain her excitement for sex and increase her desires for all sexual pleasures, including flirting, kissing, foreplay and intercourse. Telling the story with sophisticated NLP language patterns, I implant the same post-hypnotic suggestions in the listener’s subconscious mind, increasing her desire for sexual pleasures and reshaping her self image into that of a woman who looks forward to the pleasures of sex.   The full-length recording is available at

Erotic Hypnosis

The process is simple. You are placed in a trance and led through a series of mind relaxation exercises. Once you have reached a voluntary hypnotic state, the hypnotist places trigger words into your subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is suggestible and is also where your deepest fantasies reside. These trigger words are used by the hypnotist to suggest that you explore these hidden areas is your mind. As you explore these areas, you become more in tune with your sexual self. Erotic hypnosis is only useful to willing participants, so there are no associated with it.


Many people use erotic hypnosis for the healing value that it has. Sessions include techniques for improving your sexual health, accepting your desires as healthy and necessary, making you feel confident with your abilities and suggestions on improving the areas that you feel you aren’t excelling in.


Some people love erotic hypnosis for the pure enjoyment factor and refer to the experience a complete mind fuck leading to the best orgasms of their lives. Common requests in erotic hypnosis sessions are role-playing, personality transformation, dominance and submission, and general hypnotic fantasy where participants are able to live out their most secret fantasies in a safe and apprehension free environment.