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Erotic Fiction Stories

These erotic fiction stories are designed to stimulate the brain along with the body. While men and women both appreciate a beautiful form everyone knows true lust starts with the mind and soul. These audio erotic fiction stories are well written and read by pleasant sounding voice actors. So pull on some headphones and relax, nobody knows what you are really listening too.

The Ice Queen Cometh (or how Roy and I got back on track)

143 An argument between lovers has unexpected repercussions for Rowan, Kris and Roy…

Waitress Gets a Big Tip

84 A waitress is tired from her long shift on her feet but a cute guy enters the bar and she gets her 2nd wind. He’s a refined type of gentleman, cool, calm and collected. He orders a martini dirty after soaking in the beautiful form of the waitress narrator. Things go a little south when she spills his drink on his pants but it ends up being a wonderful opportunity to graze his growing hard on. Soon they sneak into the walk in cooler in the kitchen which is closed. While the walk in might be cold the rest of the story is hot! Enjoy.

The Swingers Party

56 A unique journey into erotic audio with this submission of “The Swingers Party”. Imagine being the audio fly on the wall as a collection of couples starts to copulate in a Caligula style orgy. There are many guys and girls doing all sorts of wonderful sexy things. You’ll have to listen more than once to catch it all.

Dirty Cab Fare

28 Cab driver picks up two drunk girls from the club. The black girl starts asking more about his hobbies and soon talk about art leads to him checking out her nubian body and eyes. Once they arrive at the girls apartment the other passenger goes inside and tells her roommate and the cab drive to “Have fun..”. Soon she’s on top of him with her powerful thighs while he’s caressing her big pillow like breasts. Before long her fishnets are off and his cock is out. They are going to fuck right there in his car. Starts off with some sound effects that continue throughout. Like old time radio drama with a spicier ending.

Might Get Caught

10 An engaged couple loves the thrill of dangerous exposed public sex. While looking for a parking spot on a shopping trip they find a door marked staff only and enter anyway. The couple finds a roof with a wonderful view of the city and perfect for a public romp. She’s soon got her wet panties off and her fiancee’s stiff rod in her before noticing they are being watched.

Sophie Loves Big Cock


Erotic FictionOur collection of audio books in the erotic fiction genre is always free to listen and download. Enjoy hours of build up and release while listening. You can always decide to get a bit wilder with our other erotic audio book categories.

You can find romance in almost any story. Even non-fiction is filled with tales that rival the most romantic fiction. Many husbands already know the fringe benefits of letting their wives indulge in erotic fiction. While they might like the hot guy on the books cover, and imagine themselves as the heroine of the book all the real life actions gets taken out on the lucky spouse.

Some of our erotic fiction stories are text based but the most are audio books in mp3 format. These erotic fiction audio books will play on any mp3 player or modern phone. Just like the entire library of audio erotica the erotic fiction mp3’s are free to download and listen. No catch, no hassle.

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