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Las Vegas Sex Story Voicemail part 2

211 So my wife came back to the bar after I’d had the conversation with her future lover. She immediately spread her legs after sitting down on the bar stool when the stud started fingering her pussy. She looked at me and asked, “What are you going to do about it?” I responded that I was going to do nothing and that I wanted her to enjoy it. Soon were all on the way to our room where she’s teasing me about his huge cock being much bigger than mine. Soon my wife finds out my real intentions. To tag team this stud so we both can get some. As soon as we’re back in the room my wife strips and I put on her […]

Las Vegas Sex Story Voicemail

12 Well my story is that I was in Las Vegas a couple of years ago. I’m a crossdresser, submissive, total bottom and very discrete. My wife knows and has caught me more than once. She asked me once and I told her no of course not until that night we were drunk in Vegas. We were sitting at the bar when a hot gentleman came up. He was in his late 40’s and obviously had a fancy for my wife. He was a total top and could tell that I was a bottom. He soon began kissing her neck and touching her thighs. My wife willingly spread her legs allowing him better access. My wife excused herself to the bathroom and….Then the message cuts […]

MILF gagging on college stud

200 MILF gagging on college stud.

Pleasure Drone (Excerpt)

-6 The first 1 minute of a 26-minute erotic hypnosis program for women listeners. In this fantasy, you’re abducted, brainwashed and transformed into a pleasure drone. You are strapped into my special chair that erases your mind. You have no thoughts, desires, or will of your own. Then I transport you to my tropical island paradise and make you available to my guests. You bask in mindless, blissful serenity until a guest chooses you for his pleasure. Then you feel your mind and body fill with the desire to provide every pleasure he wants. You serve him eagerly until he is satisfied, then you return to basking in mindless serenity. For more information, visit

Solo Kitten


First date with Leili

10 This is a short story about a girl I met through friends and had a sexual relationship with for over a year. We had over 50 sexual encounters in that time and afterwards my best friend had a relationship with her as well. I met Leili, a Chinese girl , a few years ago through a friend. We talked on the phone at first and exchanged emails for a couple of weeks since we lived about 200 miles apart. Finally I invited her to visit me in Los Angeles for the weekend. We met for lunch on Saturday and got to know each other a little better. She was a 27 years old and had graduated from Michigan State with a degree in engineering. She was about […]

CSG 60: Eff you Twilight!

-23 Jill Pantozzi (@TheNerdyBird) and Alan Kistler (@SizzlerKistler) discuss a new documentary called LEGENDS OF THE KNIGHT featuring people who have inspirational stories and were themselves inspired by Batman (including Jill). There’s new casting news about X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST and GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY. Batwoman has a new development in her life. There’s controversy around two issues of SUPERMAN ADVENTURES. And Alan finds new reasons to angrily and literally curse at a movie screen.

Your Playtime

25 This is my first audio submission for Eroticast. I hope you enjoy yourself. Supplies needed for this audio: Nipple Clamps Dildos

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