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Las Vegas Sex Story Voicemail part 2

269 So my wife came back to the bar after I’d had the conversation with her future lover. She immediately spread her legs after sitting down on the bar stool when the stud started fingering her pussy. She looked at me and asked, “What are you going to do about it?” I responded that I was going to do nothing and that I wanted her to enjoy it. Soon were all on the way to our room where she’s teasing me about his huge cock being much bigger than mine. Soon my wife finds out my real intentions. To tag team this stud so we both can get some. As soon as we’re back in the room my wife strips and I put on her […]

Las Vegas Sex Story Voicemail

7 Well my story is that I was in Las Vegas a couple of years ago. I’m a crossdresser, submissive, total bottom and very discrete. My wife knows and has caught me more than once. She asked me once and I told her no of course not until that night we were drunk in Vegas. We were sitting at the bar when a hot gentleman came up. He was in his late 40’s and obviously had a fancy for my wife. He was a total top and could tell that I was a bottom. He soon began kissing her neck and touching her thighs. My wife willingly spread her legs allowing him better access. My wife excused herself to the bathroom and….Then the message cuts […]

Yes Professor – Male Voiced Fantasy

228 A irritated male professer clears the room so he can scold his student about her performance in his class room. He’s disappointed and she’s going to have to make it up to him and face. Listen as he starts off angry and ends up completely satisfied.  

Wife Catches Husband Crossdressing with Another Man


Dirty Cab Fare

28 Cab driver picks up two drunk girls from the club. The black girl starts asking more about his hobbies and soon talk about art leads to him checking out her nubian body and eyes. Once they arrive at the girls apartment the other passenger goes inside and tells her roommate and the cab drive to “Have fun..”. Soon she’s on top of him with her powerful thighs while he’s caressing her big pillow like breasts. Before long her fishnets are off and his cock is out. They are going to fuck right there in his car. Starts off with some sound effects that continue throughout. Like old time radio drama with a spicier ending.

Sophie Loves Big Cock


School Girl Slut

59 Naughty college phone sex girl likes to flirt with her professor. Not being so innocent is her goal and she turns up the seduction all the way. He doesn’t want to get fired but she wants his cock. Guess who wins? Soon her dashing looking teacher is balls deep in her sweet little college student pussy. All the times she’s teased him are coming to a head and his resistance soon wears away. I’m not going to tell? Are you? She shows a master of the art of fellatio with her oral presentation. By the end she’s screaming, bucking and moaning at her own fantasy of seducing her teacher.

Southern Girl is a Slut

80 What a sexy voice on this down South slut! She does a lot more than whistle dixie with her sexy voice. She likes to play with her pussy while she slurps on your cock. Wait till you hear her ask you if you’d like to fuck her. What a sexy charming southern voice. So hot. Soon she’s imagning you’ve got her bent over plugging her from behind. Listen in as she moans and begs you to fuck her harder. Oh yea ya’ll. Give it up for grits aka girls raised in the south.

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